There’s (once again) an uncontrollable explosion on my head. I’ve (once again) lost all hair confidence. I (once again) feel like cutting it all off.

But there was a moment when, giving in to my desire to never stop exploring, I felt like letting it grow out. I was a little tired of my cut, I had this crazy wish to be like Steffy-Argelich-the-model-who-is-in-all-the-2016-campaigns-no-seriously-so-original-bravo, and plus, I’ve always really liked the in-between phases when your hair is growing out and you have a new look every morning.

Except some mornings are better than others… And for about a week now – even with my beloved hairdresser Clyde (from The Drawing Room NY) who “thinned out the mass” – it has still really, really been a mess up there.

I’ve been living in my hat, and I even tried getting a scarf out again yesterday, and let me tell you right away – it’s not helping, not at all. Plus, since my hair has grown out, I’m trying out new products (I’m looking for something to weigh my hair down and soften it at the same time, do you have any ideas?) and so far I haven’t found the grail, which means everything I’ve tried has only made it weirder than it already was…

Clyde tells me that four weeks from now, I’ll have the cut of my dreams, because my hair will finally be the right length…. In the meantime, do you have any ideas for me? A wig? Barrettes? Gel?

Translated by Andrea Perdue