Reality TV is really becoming a world on its own.

With its growth means the increase of options for us guilty pleasure watchers to choose from. For Erik, House Hunter’s is his show of choice. The show’s simple set up involves one family choosing from three places to move into. Apparently their choices are made prior to the taping, but while reality television might not always be so real they certainly point to trends.

House Hunter’s is pointing to the popularity of the downsizing. People are apparently buying tiny living spaces to minimize the work of an actual home and maximize their ability to travel or move around. Some are even choosing to live in homes the size of a storage units where the bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms are all within a couple feet of each other.

So there goes the classic American dream of growing up and owning a home. But if this is the modern nomad lifestyle does it really matter? What do you think? Settle down in one place that you make your own or find a place that allows you to live all over?