The big question of our time (not): whether or not to post a food photo to Instagram.

Okay, so it is actually a pretty divisive topic in the social media sphere. When you’re sitting down to dinner at a restaurant with a group of friends and, suddenly, it’s a photoshoot… “Wait, don’t eat anything yet!” “Can someone just pretend that they’re grabbing for the bread, to add a little life?” And then suddenly all of the food has dropped from hot to lukewarm, and the most appetizing thing on the table is the wine. 

I am all for capturing the moment and savoring the memories, and I’m not adverse to the odd food photo at all. (I’ve been known to post a photo of a mezzo plate or two in my time). But there is a certain line I think we can perhaps draw in the sand, and just let people eat their food when they want to eat it.

Or is that just too much to ask in this modern age? How do you feel about Instagram food photos?