I download all my magazines — it’s one of the mini-revolutions of my life these past few years (hey, I said MINI revolution ;))

Because seriously, you have to know — life isn’t easy for someone who’s addicted to magazines.

You can love magazines, but they’re a pain — they pile up, they take up space, they collect dust, and when you need to find something — “what was that great hotel in Italy I saw in Vogue, again?” (the reason you kept the magazine in the first place), you can’t ever find it.

There are times when you move and you suddenly have to get rid of your magazines — or like me, you can’t resist keeping two boxes of them (and you write “BOOKS” on the boxes to avoid getting the stink eye from the mover who doesn’t get, just like your boyfriend* and your mother, how you can weigh yourself down with such futile things).

*But actually, Scott is different — he’s even more addicted than I am — he’s got binders with all his favorites pages that he’s kept since he was a teenager. I like to not rip out any of the pages, I love magazines in their entirety, with the ads, the horoscopes, and all.

Even so. At the back of my closet, I’ve got a box of 20 ANS, a great french magazine that doesn’t exist anymore and that I am so happy to have kept (Emmanuelle and Carine used to work there!!!). Those of you who grew up with 20 ANS will understand how precious that treasure is.

But now, I download them.

Because not only can I finally say goodbye to all the pounds of paper and embarrassing moving days, I can also have quick access to all my favorite magazines, all the time, wherever I am, FOREVER.

Just thinking about that almost gives me an orgasmazine.

I mean, I guess I won’t get the pleasure of the old dog-eared paper that smells like summer ’97.

Oh well! I’ve got books for that.

What about you, do you download magazines or not?

Translated by Andrea Perdue