Piaule, a report.

Ok, so my Bond reference might seem random, however, it’s more to the point that every great series starts somewhere. And as long as the first introduction is a strong one, with a good narrative and the distinct possibility that it could keep going… Well, you’re onto something!

Piaule is a new homewares brand, launching with just one product off the bat: a beautiful, made in Japan bath towel, made with 100% hand-picked raw materials. A light and luxurious towel. If it sounds simple, that ‘s because it is. But each object they release (every two months), will be just as special with just as much attention to detail.

Plus, the imagery is beautiful! I can’t wait to see what they roll out with next…

And after all, what could be a more necessary mini luxury than something we need ever day like a towel?


Photos: Laurence Ellis for Piaule.