Can we take a minute to talk about that eyeliner at the Chanel Haute Couture Show?

So perfectly graphic, it had me mesmerized. That’s what I love about couture: it feels only appropriate to go a little wilder, be a bit more expressive in every way. Everything is a little more intriguing. And this beauty look is a gentle reminder that sometimes pushing things a little more to the extreme can pay off…

Ok, so this amplified take on the all too classic eyeliner might not be for your average night out (well, at least for me), but think about how easy it is to fall into your makeup comfort zone. I think we’ve all been hearing the familiar refrain of “less is more” for so long now, sometimes it gets a little old. Even though wearing heavy makeup every day is (a) bad for your skin; and (b) a time waster (I would rather sleep in, please — also good for you!), maybe it’s time for us to put in the effort of mixing things up and trying something new when we do make the effort?

I might start with a slightly more tempered take on this design ;)
Any makeup ideas that you’ve been wanting to try?

Photo: Kevin Tachman for Vogue