I am a big fan of Donatella Versace, but since I am in Dallas eating fried chicken this week (No, actually, I am getting ready for my event tonight!!! Come say hello!), I sent Alex to ask her a few questions at her new Soho store yesterday…

Of course my favorite thing about Donatella is her sense of humour that always shows how smart and creative she is !!!
I really hope to do a Pardon My French with her one day.

What is sexy to you?

“When people look at you, you are sexy. Doesn’t matter if you are woman or a man, but if they just turn a little bit, their eyes towards you, you’re sexy. Sexy is not only revealing… its an attitude, its the way you put your hair, your make up and also your clothes.”

What is one item every woman should have in her wardrobe?

“Black patent-leather pumps, high heel. You put a shoe like that, you can go with jeans, with everything but it just changes your attitude and the way you feel about yourself.”

Is there ever a time when a flat shoe is better than a heel?

“What is a flat shoe?”

Can you tell us about your beauty regimen?

“What I do, my beauty regimen, I sleep in the freezer!”

Versace SoHo, 160 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012