When it comes to life, I consider myself a minimalist.

Minimal makeup, black/white/grey clothing and even with my food – I prefer simple ingredients. But recently, I have been infatuated with embroidery on tee-shirts. Simple little hand drawn designs that just add a touch of sweetness to my minimal look! I can’t really decide if it’s because my wardrobe seems to be lacking variation or maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90’s when it was (SUPER) cool to have smiley faces on everything – but I’m loving these simple embroidered tee shirts.

So much so – that I want to start embroidering my own shirts. A bit of DIY. I always love learning how to do new things and this is my most recent obsession! Only one thing though, I have NO idea where to begin…

Do you guys have any tips for learning how to embroider tee-shirts? A good starting place seems like finding the right fabric that will take to embroidery. And then, well, I guess I need to learn the basics of sewing? Could it be so simple as a needle and thread? Impossible, right?