I’m moving into a new apartment this weekend and couldn’t be more excited to have an actual dining room in my new place (In New York! I know! I’m totally bragging!….well, in Bed-Stuy, so Brooklyn…but still!) and I can’t wait to start having friends over for big dinner parties.

But the other day I was talking to a friend about cooking for other friends and how complicated it can be to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions! I’m right there with being a complicated eater, and I’ve been in those situations where I can’t eat anything more than a roll at a dinner, so how do you deal?! My friend said she just started doing dinners where you can create your own dish (like tacos) or tapas, but this can be a lot of prep work, and a lot of ingredients, for each party. So how do you manage when you have restrictions, and what do you do when you’re hosting? I think the extreme of this must be at weddings…I can’t even begin to imagine!