My travel beauty gift to you…

Okay so this season I did not get a fancy gel manicure. Heck, I didn’t get a manicure at all! I painted my nails in my apartment a few hours before I left for the airport. Today was the day that I had to finally remove and revamp my nail polish. It was chipped and very sad looking. Before I left I picked up these wipes at Duane Reade.

Now, I know everyone makes nail polish remover wipes for travel, but these are crazy good. I don’t know what’s in them (okay, probably a lot of acetone) but when you’re in a rush, they are a total lifesaver (because as you know, nail polish is very much a life and death matter). It was like I didn’t even have to try to remove the polish. My nails just got close enough to the wipe and it just vanished (not really, but you get the idea).

Super fast, super easy, super convenient.

What are your recommendations for nail polish removal on the go?