Ok, I know that I am not the soubbbllllaime Daria, but my hair obsession just got to an uneluctable dimension, like, I can’t go back now.

Gaaaaawd, have you seen Daria’s new crop on the new Mayiet campaign ?
My fave model (all right, the favorite model of everyone) just copied my haircut BEFORE I EVEN DID IT !!!
Is she a psychic? Of course she is a psychic. She’s Daria.

My appointment was already made, but because I didn’t want the chop to be a fashion week monster (Fashion Week Monster !)(making a post about it asap!), I rescheduled it for the last day of New York Fashion Week, aka, next Friday.

Aaaraggg, do you like Daria’s haircut?

Say yes.

Ok, one looove! (I thiiink I listen to too much reggae)