Your cuticles are important!!

I’m careful with mine, I baby them. I avoid trimming them myself and instead opt for pushing them back if needed. The most important step in cuticle care, in the opinion of this nail addict, is a good cuticle oil.

At home, I reach for CND SolarOil and massage it in to my cuticles after I’ve filed and buffed my nails. But hey, cuticles need love on the go too! I’ve been keeping Sephora’s Brush-On Nourishing Cuticle Oil in my handbag. It is perfect for travel and totally mess free (I actually just brushed it onto mine before I started writing this and I don’t have to worry one bit about oily fingers…or an oily keyboard).

As they say, happy cuticles make for happy nails! (Okay, maybe only I say that…)