Honest opinion requested : how do you feel about my new boots?

Maybe you hate them? But, well, I LOVE them! White boots!?! Can you imagine ? Me, the girl with, and I’m not kidding – 10 pairs of black boots. Finally a boot came along in my other favorite color I would actually feel comfortable wearing. Yes, yes, they’re Céline from the runway …. but also, sort of the less talked about boot ( the rounded red / black version was ALL over fashion week it-girls, rightfully so btw).

But alas, it was the square-toed beauty that caught my eye and held my attention for months. So much so, my friends – who, I don’t know how I became so lucky to call mine – decided the characterized flat white boots should be my 30th birthday gift. Incredible women they are, – I cried, small tears of joy…

They will perfectly offset any dress this spring with all their square coolness. Hip to be square? I think yes!