You sure know that I love Colette and you might know, I love my webmasters, those wonderful men who make all my (digital) dreams come true and with whom I’ve been working with since this blog’s inception (ok, so in the beginning I was designing it on my own but I quickly realized you can’t do everything on your own…)

When they started, when we started together, they were a team of three, and now they are a gazillion (I don’t know how many actually but it’s true that in a few years Colorz really became Paris’ coolest web agency) but the atmosphere is still as simple, personalized and they are still as passionate.

In two words, I love them and I am proud of their success as if it was mine.

So you may have understood, they just redesigned the Colette website… I am as proud as if I’d made it myself :)

Hehehehe so that’s it ! I just wanted to give them a big up and tell them a giant bravo.