It’s alcohol free!

Because it’s for your face, duh. It’s been cold here. It’s dry. It’s windy to the point where sometimes your face hurts. The other day while standing in my laboratory bathroom, I mixed up a little keep my skin hydrated even in the worst conditions ever moisturizer cocktail…

– Two parts moisturizer (I’m using Tata Harper’s Reparative Moisturizer)

– One part face oil (I’m using Rodin Luxury Face Oil because I have a travel size sample that I guard with my life)

Mix together in your hands and pat onto your face (don’t focus on rubbing it in, pat it on and let it soak in).

My skin is thanking me for my brilliant efforts and yours will too!

PS: Speaking of face oil — we are going to talk more about them soon (because I’m really into it so hey, why not?). Have questions? Leave them in the comments!