The fall runways were all about carrying your bag (no matter the shape or size) as a clutch–remember, we showed you some of them here

Now that fall is just around the corner (eek!) I’m looking back at some of these trends for inspiration when it comes to planning all of my fashion week Altfits. I’ve since learned that not every bag can be a clutch.

For example, my Alexander Wang Rocco is quite impossible to turn into a clutch (way too heavy thanks to all those studs), even with my arms through the handles (on the plus side, it would be a good workout for my noodle arms).

But I’m not giving up on the idea! If you build it, they [he] will come. Right? (Is it still legit to make references to Field of Dreams?) So I’m still hunting for the perfect bag-clutch…clutch-bag? This one from J. Crew has been on my mind since the presentation. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s just a clutch Alex! This doesn’t feel like a bag-clutch, you’re cheating!”

Okay, I might be cheating a little bit but, this clutch turns into a tote! Yes, that’s right. It’s true fashion magic! That strap along the side also makes it the easiest to carry clutch in the world, I mean, seriously.