Noooooo, I am NOT stressed, at all !

Tonight I am invited to the Grand Journal, the biggest, coolest and most important show in France. Invited, with Karl Lagerfeld and Loïc Prigent. Hum, my usual technique of “not thinking about the obstacle until you’re right in front of it” is not working super well, if I may say.

To give you an idea of the state I am in, I’ve just listened three times to Corsica, from Petru Guelfucci, a traditional Corsican song that makes me emotional each time. I had a little tear. After that, I danced alone (and naked, for maximized effect) on Kanye West and Jay Z’s Ni**as in Paris. I still don’t know exactly what I am going to wear, which is why I am about to run around Paris with my credit card in hand, ready to burn, but, who, cares, seriously, don’t you think, Karl ?

Just a to ad a little to the story, Sophie just sent me a text that says :

this is the D day

Thanks Sophie, just what I needed !

Ok, so, do you have advices ? Techniques ? Words of wisdom ? What question would you ask Karl if you met him for the first time ?

Aaaaarghhhh !

PS: Here is the link to see the show! Big kisses and THANK YOU for your sweet comments. You don’t know how much it touches me!