The other day, my skin freaked out.

It comes with the beauty editor territory; I try a lot of different things and sometimes they aren’t the right thing.

I tried a new cleansing system and woke up in the morning with a totally red, dry, splotchy face (the kind that hurts). I made the seriously rookie mistake of applying my normal moisturizer, a little bit of makeup and heading out the door.

By the time I got to the office, I looked like a tomato.

I immediately removed my makeup and headed to the beauty closet in search of something, anything, with calendula.

Why calendula?

It has some serious healing power. It’s great for hydrating damaged and dry skin, and it’s especially effective at calming redness. I highly recommend keeping a product with it on hand in case you ever have a beauty mishap like mine…

PS: I love Jurlique’s Calendula Calming Mist and Weleda’s Calendula Face Cream.