It’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse…

…And I have it. While out shopping the other weekend I came face to face with a beautiful pair of green croc-embossed leather booties from the spring 2013 Derek Lam collection. They were seriously on sale. They were the shoes that dreams are made of. I told myself that I wanted them but I did not need them. So, I walked away.

…Okay, first I walked around the store in them, and then I put them back in their box and walked away.

I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Yesterday, I showed a photo of them to my friend. “Wow, you have amazing self control,” she said as we both indulged in hot chocolates with giant marshmallows at City Bakery (that self control doesn’t apply to everything).

I’m experiencing a serious case of buyer’s regret. I’m feeling anxiety over not buying those shoes. It’s different than same feeling I had when I didn’t get my Stam bag. I was never on the hunt for them and I didn’t really even know I wanted them until I saw them (and yeah, the crazy sale price played an obvious role in my desire). Here I am, two weeks later, still thinking about them. Still googling them. Still planning out imaginary outfits around them.

Have you ever experienced this kind of buyer’s regret? What is the cure?