Yesterday, around breakfast time, I received a very special message in my e-mail from Burberry’s Christopher Bailey.

Wait, what? Christopher Bailey in my e-mail?! Yep, Christopher Bailey in my e-mail.

He sent me a video to talk to me about his new project with Google called Burberry Kisses.
So, ok, it made me feel super important, but I thought I’d share it with you because I really admire how hands on the designer is with his brand’s projects. That’s pretty rare.

The project:
Using the camera on your computer, you can send a personal kiss to anyone in the world from their special website and then see where people are sending their kisses, live.
It’s really emotional.
And knowing the astounding success Burberry had with Art Of The Trench and how they always try to push the boundaries of storytelling online, I think it’s worth noticing !

Sending you a kiss !