Riding a bike in New York City took some adjusting….

…. it was near nauseating riding in a taxi when I first moved here. I’ve since decided I would ride along side them and their unpredictable driving, not to mention the pedestrians walking as they please. But now that I’ve got the swing of things, I really love it! Like live for riding my bike.

Here* I can ride my bike to work! To the movies! To dinner! To the flea market! To the Neue Gallery. I can even ride my bike to Barney’s. Last week was the real start to spring and my bike has thanked me every day since (all but those pesky rainy days that sneak in and leave my bike chained inside).

There is something so relaxing and at the same thrilling about riding your bike through the city. You get to really check people out for starters, “Oh, hey cute boys hanging outside the coffee shop, oh did I just hit a red light and have to stop for a minute while I fix my hair?” Plus you are inevitably going to pull up next to someone in the bike lane you know and get a quick chat in.

So really, riding your bike is like a social event you don’t even have to put in your calendar. And let’s not forget that riding your bike also counts for exercise! Hello toned legs for the summer…

*I’m from California where my entire life was situated in the backseat (a beach towel because you can always end up at the beach in CA, sneakers, snacks, a Cranberries CD, an outfit for going out in, a coat for the beach, water bottles…)