We talked before about all of us girls sharing an apartment during Paris Fashion Week and as promised, I got the low down on Camila’s (Scott’s photo assistant) olive oil beauty routine…

Alex: So, olive oil… My first question is, does it make you smell like food?

Camila: Yes, but it’s fine. I’m from Spain, and at some point during the day you eat something with olive oil, so it’s a smell that is with you anyway if you live in Spain.

Alex: I have a serum that I love but it kind of smells like pizza, weird I know, but it’s hard for me to wear it. Back to your olive oil routine…

Camila: First, it’s the best eye makeup remover that I’ve ever used. It removes the makeup perfectly.

Alex: I think some of our reader’s will agree with you there. They’ve recommended it for eye makeup removal before. So, what is your next olive oil use?

Camila: And then, I put it in my hair.

Alex: Tell me more…

Camila: Before you shower, you put it on the ends of your hair, depending on how dry your hair is (mine is really dry, but it’s beautiful), then I put all of my hair in a bun on top of my head. I do it about an hour before I’m going to jump in the shower. It hydrates your hair before you shower. Note: Don’t forget you have it in your hair…I’ve got a sofa and some pillows stained with olive oil…

Alex: Hahahhahaah. Do you shampoo normally after?

Camila: Yes. Just make sure you don’t put it on your scalp, because it can get too greasy. Afterwards, my hair is super hydrated. I do it once a week. Don’t do it everyday for sure.

[Editor’s Note: Camila has pretty amazing hair…]

So there you have it, Camila’s olive oil tricks! Have you worked olive oil into your beauty routine before?

PS : Thank you to Scott for the photo!