Recently I’ve been trying to get away with not carrying a bag on the weekends. It’s such a silly thing, but so liberating! It makes me feel like one of the boys.

It doesn’t always quite work out – life’s demands can interfere – but most of the time I can get away with stuffing my wallet, phone, and house key in my pockets (this is super easy in the winter with big coats) and then just go!

I finally realized that I hardly ever use most of the crap that I carry around, but it’s been a slow transformation. Being from LA, I was used to just hopping in the car and not having to worry about how much junk I had in tow. Now I try to get away with the smallest amount of things possible, even on the weekdays. I have built quite the collection of the teeniest, tiniest work bags you have ever seen – some are so ridiculous that I feel a bit like Derek Zoolander whipping out his miniature phone….

Have you downsized recently? If so, do you feel like you are missing out on the millions of things that you used to lug around?