The new beauty look…

Usually when the look at a show is “no makeup” that means some concealer, a little powder, nothing too heavy to create an au naturel look, but at Alexander Wang there was actually no makeup. Zero. Nada. Zip. It was a pretty badass move if you ask me, because it’s pretty rare that models hit the catwalk totally barefaced.

Then yesterday at The Row, Odile Gilbert embraced the natural textures of models hair and instead focused on conditioning the hair to keep it healthy. Outside of a middle part, the locks were totally natural.

This got me thinking (watch out!) about beauty during fashion week. It’s rare that models are really showing their own identity on the runway, and I feel like it might be the start of a new trend. You aren’t distracted by a bold lip or wet hair, you really see the girls and even more so, you really see the clothes.

What do you think of a real au naturel look?