Do you ever finish painting your nails only to look down at your toes and realize $%&@! they need some help too?

And there you are, with freshly painted nails, unable to then dip a cotton ball into your remover and get to work on your toes. So you search around your apartment for rubber gloves, then realize you’ve never cleaned anything enough to warrant owning rubber gloves. Then you consider stuffing your hands into ziploc bags and attempting to remove the polish that way. But the thought of doing that becomes so exhausting that you just slip your feet back into closed toed shoes and vow to remember to get your toes first next time.

No? Never?


Then one day, everything changed. I opened up a brand new bag of cotton balls to find a little rubber disk inside. Are they putting toys in the bottom of cotton ball bags now?

Upon closer inspection (and reading of the bag) I realized that this strange rubber thing was a COTTON BALL HOLDER. No more “oh $%&@! my toes!” moments!

It does take a second to get the hang of how exactly you should be holding it for optimal removal, but it is really, seriously genius. The best thing I ever found in a bag of cotton balls…you know, besides cotton balls…