I had the hair on my arms removed!!!


It’s weird, I’d never really thought about doing it before. My peach fuzz never bothered me, and no one had ever commented on it, not my friends, not even my boyfriends. Besides, I thought it was cool to be cool enough not to worry about one more little thing. As women, we have enough maintenance to do as it is, don’t you think?

So it was status quo all my life until a friend of mine had it done and told me it made her feel amazing. Then I happened to acquire a gorgeous new pink gold watch (I’ll tell you more about that later) and when I tried to take a close-up photo of it, ALL I could see was my arm hair. So the idea started to grow on me, very slowly. Then one day I went to one of my favorite salons, Hortus, in New York and they started talking to me about sugaring.
I know I know, everyone already knows about it. But I’d never had it done before. 

It was a few days before I was leaving for Mexico, so I decided to go for it:

1/ I LOVED sugaring. There’s no risk of getting burned, it leaves your skin divinely soft and there’s no irritation whatsoever. Since I used to get burned by hot wax all the time, from now on, I’ll only do sugaring.
2/ As for getting the hair on my arms removed, my first impression was: weird. A naked arm! My freckles (I’m covered in them) were even more visible, and I’m not against my freckles, but I definitely wasn’t used to it. My skin seemed thinner than before, more delicate without any protection. It took me a few weeks (yes, weeks) to get used to it. Which is why I waited to write this post.

And now it’s starting to grow back and it doesn’t look bad at all. I’d even say the hair looks finer. I’m finally used to it and I do like it. I like it a lot. I’d do it again, even.

The verdict: a big YES!!!

What about you? Have you ever thought about having the hair on your arms removed?

Translated by Andrea Perdue