So the other day, my friend Emily took me on a date to eat some macrobiotic deliciousness at Souen (Macrobiotic dates ? That’s what girls do in the city) (I hate macrobiotic restaurants but I’d go anywhere as long as there is Tahini sauce) and then we went to see Anna Karenina.

I was not super excited at first. I had just suffered through Lincoln a couple of days ago (I know the movie’s supposed to be great and I am supposed to love it, but too much talking killed me) and I was more into going to see Life of Pi than another movie in costumes.


The movie is a dream.
The photography is breathtaking and the ever moving sets sweep you away.
The movie is set as if in a theater, with the sets changing behind the actors in what seems like a dance between each scene. Difficult to explain, but seriously great.

The acting is good and it’s difficult not to fall in love with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (I actually already had, in Savages) and to definitely unfall in love with Jude Law if you hadn’t yet (I  had, a long time ago, which I think is great for him, cause now he can go on and have fun with acting, not be trapped anymore in his sex symbol role, which makes me actually re-love him more, see what I mean?)(yeah it’s hard to be a sex symbol) (I mean I would know, right ?).

Keira Knightley definitely has an expressive face (whatever that means) and the person in front me was smoking a fake cigarette, which was nicely disturbing, I felt like I was at the cinema in the 60’s – without the bad smell.

Lots of freedom was taken with the costumes – beautiful, amazing but felt very modern. And a Chanel friendship is definitely unfolding in front of our eyes (Keira being an ambassador for the brand, and Joe Wright being the director of their latest ad with Brad Pitt), as Keira wears a lot their contemporary jewelry. A little surprising but nonetheless beautiful.

So, let’s jump to the conclusion and here is my verdict : I think you should see it.

Ok, isn’t that a great movie review ? I know, you want more right ?

Don’t worry, I am in the process of reading 50 Shades Of Grey.
Oh we’re gonna have so much fun.

Did you see Anna Karenina ? What did you think ?