Okay so this isn’t really an ode, more like a list of all the reasons I think pore strips are the greatest drugstore beauty product of all time…

1. They work! For real!
2. It is strangely satisfying to pull off the strip and see all of the gunk that was once living in your skin now stuck to it.
3. It is also super gross and you’ll feel bad about your skin for like two minutes. Note: You might feel bad for more than two minutes if you are doing it with a friend (on Spa Night) who says, “Oh, there is nothing on my strip! Weird!?!”
4. But then you will get over it because you have clearer pores! Less blackheads! Happy skin!
5. They say (they being beauty people) extractions are the most important part of a facial. So here you go, at home mini facial!

Have you tried them? Do you love them?

PS: I use Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, get them here!