Phone alarms are the bane of my existence.

Dramatic, perhaps, but every night my alarm goes off at 8:45 like, “It’s time to meditate!” and I’m like…I’m still at work?!?

And honestly don’t even get me started on my morning alarm. If I told you how long I snooze it for you’d have me arrested. I’m just so annoyed by the sound of it! It feels like I’ve had to listen to this thing go off every morning for the last 200 years. I’ve even tried changing the tune (which just ends up scaring the s**t out of me) but I’m so quick to shut it up in the morning I end up sleeping through it.

Yes, I realize that I am the person setting these alarms but I’ve really had it up to here *hand raise* with them. You’d think by now someone would have invented an alarm that’s actually pleasant to wake up to, something that makes you excited to wake up. Maybe I should get a boyfriend??