From in the Studio to texts with my friends, so many women in my life are really paying attention to the ingredients in their beauty products, which, to be honest is something I didn’t do myself until recently. And now I’m constantly thinking about it, obsessively checking what I’m using in the Think Dirty App (thanks Brie!), and am replacing products as I finish them with ones that are cleaner, less scary, and still effective.

While I’m usually equally if not more happy about my natural alternatives, the trickiest one to find a solid alternative for is deodorant. I have yet to find one that provides the same odor protection, if nothing else. BUT recently, I started using Agent Nateur, the first natural deodorant that has been working miraculously – keeping my under arms dry and smelling like roses all day. Ok, so I haven’t tried it during an NYC summer yet, will see how that goes, but it’s pretty life changing for now!

Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose No. 4 Deodorant