Over the weekend I went to get a facial…

In my head I was imagining this hour of total blissful pampering, where I would fall into a wonderful relaxation nap and wake up glowing like Gisele. However I’m just way too chatty and spent my hour asking my facialist, Suzanne, just about every skin related question I could. “Oh hey, what’s that tool your using? Can I open my eyes and look at it? Oh cool, so tell me exactly how microdermabrasion works again? Wait, diamonds? Oh that smells good, what is that? And how do you use it? How often should I be doing a mask?” I learned a lot about my skin.

Right now it’s slightly out of balance. Suzanne said it’s probably because I’m trying out a lot of new products (YOU’RE WELCOME) and suggested I create a routine for myself so my skin doesn’t totally hate me in 5 years. Anyway, I took home a few pearls of wisdom that I couldn’t just keep to myself… the most important being the benefits of toner.

Toner? Say what?!

Despite my 27 product skincare routine of randomness, I haven’t been using a toner. Suzanne put it best when she said “Toner has a bad rap. People associate it with alcohol and stripping the skin.” Thats definitely true for me. I still associate toner with that bright blue drugstore astringent that made my pre-teen face burn and sting like crazy. Today many toners are alcohol-free, which means it doesn’t dry out your skin (or sting!) and can actually be moisturizing. (those with oily skin can reach for an astringent, which often includes alcohol and will reduce oil). Mind blown, right?

Use it after you cleanse. The toner will help to take away any residue left behind and prep the skin for you to put on a serum or moisturizer (I love a good serum, so I was like “How did I never prep my skin properly for my serum before?!”).

I’ve now seen the light thanks to Suzanne…and my inability to fully relax…

Are you a toner user?