Last Thursday I had a conference, and seriously, I thought I was prepared.

I had so many super funny and interesting things to say*, I didn’t even get stage fright until 5 minutes before I was supposed to speak**, I had chosen a cool but comfortable outfit so that I didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction on stage***, I had prepared super chic slide illustrations**** and imagined myself walking around the stage and making my audience explode with laughter and emotion.

Yeah. Well. It’s not Oprah Winfrey here, ok.

I walked onto the stage and after one second realized that between the podium carpet, my high heels and my slightly trembling legs (yes, even so), there was no way I was going to make it standing up. At all.

Especially since my conference was an hour and a half.

So then I explained to my audience what was happening, I sat down, and I spoke – and it went super, SUPER well!!!

But I regret not having taken control of the stage like a total pro.

Next time, flat shoes. And if you have any advice on stage presence, I’LL TAKE IT!!!

*Ah, but that’s how it works. If you think you have nothing interesting to say, it’s better to say no right away!!!

**This was a big step: before, the thought of speaking in front of an audience caused me to become an insomniac for three days.

***One day, the button on my pants exploded at the exact moment when I was walking onto the stage AND I DIDN’T HAVE A BELT.

**** That type of thing:


PS: Thank you so much Alt Summit for having me, I had the best time!!