The search may be over.

I’ve never really sought out super bum flattering jeans, mostly because 90% of my shirts cover up 60% of my butt in jeans. My denim concerns tend to focus on the legs. Is this skinny leg skinny enough? Is there a good amount of ankle showing in these boyfriend jeans? There have definitely been times when I don’t even look at my butt in the mirror when I go try on jeans. I know, I know.

Last night I bought a new pair of jeans that give a really good butt. I first saw them online and immediately thought: mom jeans. But I still wanted to try them on. Something was pulling me in (maybe it’s that the style name is “The Perfect Summer Jean” and I mean, that sounds like something I want). I went into the store with Brie last night (Brie has a good butt in all of her jeans, so I consider her an expert and I’ve taken her on more than one denim shopping excursions) and tried them on. Brie approved! They are really high waisted and a light wash (hence the mom jean vibe meets 90s Levi’s vibe) but the placement of those back pockets makes my booty look major.

What jeans give you a good butt?

PS: These are my good butt jeans!