I have to admit…I’m not a terribly clean person.

I’m the type of person who plays dress up every morning then throws all of her clothes onto my one and only chair so that I can’t even sit in my own house. I’m the type of person who keeps extra disposable cutlery in her cabinet in case I’m too lazy to wash a fork. Gross, I know. However, I am the type of person that once a week gets so fed up with my mess that I clean furiously for an hour straight. Then the whole cycle starts all over again.

So to avoid falling into this bad habit this spring, I’m coming up with simple ways to make the day to day cleaning just a tiny bit more enjoyable. This means sayonara Ajax! I’m buying cleaning products that I feel really good about using. I stumbled upon this brand of cleaning products called Common Good and it’s fooled me into keeping my house clean. Bergamot dish soap? Lavender glass cleaner? Yes please! Plus their formulations are 100% biodegradable and free from any harsh chemicals :) It’s an all around feel good.

Do you have any tricks to lure you into cleaning? Or are you just one of those naturally clean people?