Right up there with my fear of accidentally wearing foundation that doesn’t match my skin color is my fear of VPL (visible panty line)…

(Yes I know, the word panty isn’t my favorite word either, but try to stay focused.)

I am always double, if not triple, checking my backside before I leave the house (especially in white jeans!) to be sure that I’m not showing off some hot pink polka dots to all of the West Village. That was until I found the most comfortable, seriously invisible, seamless pair of underwear (panties) ever. I haven’t converted my entire underwear drawer over to these yet but I’ve got a few pairs that I wear with specific pants/dresses/skirts/men (hahaha). Now, no need to triple check!

PS: These are by Commando. My pair of choice (in case you really wanted to know): the solid girl short.