Diversity is a tough one. Within the fashion industry and out. There’s the runway race issue or the cultural appropriation style issue, and the list goes on and on. I like to think optimistically, but its hard to not get frustrated when it feels like some issues are on repeat.

This week there has been a lot of attention payed to Seoul fashion week and I mean full coverage: the shows, the street style, the K Pop stars, and beyond all, the incredibly dressed children. Korean designers, artists, and style are gaining more exposure of course with the help of the country’s powerful and popular pop culture presence. I particularly like the hints of Korean traditional patterns under the leather jackets of the editors.

But today I flipped through W Magazines collection of images called, “Meet The Beautiful People of Seoul Fashion Week.” All I could think was haven’t there always been beautiful Korean people at fashion week?

So that’s where the dichotomy of my feelings begin. On one end as a Korean I’m incredibly excited to see so many Asian faces within the industry getting the attention they deserve. Then on the other hand its hard when pieces like those make it sound like they stumbled onto a new movement.

Does anyone else feel the same frustrations? Are there any other issues that you feel torn about because of the positive and negative aspects?

– By Nicole, Intern at StudioDoré