Today, I watched the Prada show from my desk…

As much as I love going to the shows (I really do love it), there are a few things that make live streams pretty great…

1. You can talk to the person next to you about what you like. At a real show, the lights go down and I’m afraid to sneeze, let alone chat with the people I am sitting next to about how much I want that skirt. But during a live stream, I can shout to the world how much I want that skirt. #yolo

2. You can drink your coffee… and maybe eat a bagel during the show. When is the last time you saw anyone eating a bagel during a fashion show? (Trick question.)

3. No one is sitting in your seat… or on your lap (unless you want them to).

4. You can cross your legs! You could watch the whole show in crow pose if you wanted (I’ll leave that one to Garance)!

5. You don’t have to watch the show through the iPad/iPhone/GoogleGlass of the person in front of you (but you can watch it on your iPad…and yeah, I don’t really get how GoogleGlass works…)

6. Climate control. Sure, maybe fanning yourself off during the show is part of the atmosphere, but not overheating is always a bonus.

7. You’ll probably be on time…unless you have a poor internet connection.

8. You can wear whatever you want! You can be a fashion week monster in your own home!

9. It’s pretty much the best seat in the house. Close ups on the shoes? Multiple camera angles? Doesn’t get much better than that…okay, except for maybe the front row ;)

Bonus: Miuccia busted out Britney’s new single “Work B*tch” on the runway!! I would say that qualifies as a high point for Brit.