While (working) on the internet last night,

I came across a cool top at (insert a department store). But it was $80. My thoughts were something like ” What?! I’m not paying $80 for a top from ___!” Not 5 minutes later down the internet vortex, I spot a designer sweatshirt (that I had forgotten I wanted) for $280 and plop it in my online shopping basket so fast I thought it might disappear.

I fell asleep before completing my purchase, still dreaming of wearing the pricey sweatshirt in 2-4 business days, all cool around town.

But why is it I can rationalize spending significantly more on a designer item? The brand itself is a major influence, I love “this brand” and therefore am willing to spend more to get it. Especially when you find something under a certain price bracket from that designer, even more incentive to buy it. The truth is, I think the brand changes how you rationalize prices don’t you?