1. According to the Navel Piercing Wikipedia page, Christy Turlington started the craze after she walked a London runway in 1993 sporting one.

2. Naomi Campbell soon followed suit…

3. Campbell took it up a notch and one time had a belly button ring WITH a belly chain, putting Turlington in her place.

Naomi Campbell Photo

4. During my search I also discovered the awesome tumblr that is 90srunway.tumblr.com. It’s so good I almost didn’t want to tell you about it…Bookmark it.

5. Christy Turlington’s belly button ring doesn’t appear after 1995. A short lived affair. But maybe she will bring it back for her new Calvin ads?

6. Early documentation of the belly button ring appears in this music video from Aerosmith. Also note the pre-Clueless Alicia Silverstone.

7. Don’t Google “Belly Button Piercing Infection.”

8. I found myself asking um… myself… if Troll dolls were the original inspiration for belly button piercings? Did Troll dolls inspire The Supers, did The Supers inspire Beyonce? Is this the circle of life?

9. BodyCandy.com (yep, that’s real) has a list of Top Belly Button Rings for 2013 that includes a Tree of Life charm, a Turtle, a Dreamcatcher and a charm that reads “Baby on Board.”

10. This doesn’t appear on Google BUT someone in this studio once had a belly button ring in the 90s…can you guess who?