Yves Saint Laurent
chloe perrin beauty minute garance dore photos

A Beauty Minute With Chloe

“Morning: First I wash my face in the shower with Nuxe “Reve de Miel”- It smells like honey and puts me in a good mood! Then I use Vichy Normaderm as a moisturizer; it’s fresh,...


patty lu beauty minute garance dore photos

A Beauty Minute With Patty

“Morning: First things first, I splash some water on my face and let it do the waking up. I...

Constance on White Street

Constance on White Street

We ran into Constance after an Estée Lauder party yesterday, she was so cute !!! I love that look.

Saint Laurent Bracelet

The Saint Laurent Bracelet

It was time for me to invest in timeless jewelry….

A beauty minute with Maryam

A beauty minute with Maryam

“Morning: I start my day by cleansing my face with Bioderma Crealine. In the shower, I wash my...

Meredith Shanks Mini Bags Photo

The Minis

You know that question: What you would bring along if you were trapped on a desert island? Well,...

Lola Rykiel Photo

A beauty minute with Lola

“Morning: I use Caudalie Eau de Beauté, I’ve been using it for quite a while....

Luisa Orsini Photo

A beauty minute with Luisa

“Morning: I use Bioderma Crealine. Then I use a little bit of cold water and kind of pat it...

Melissa Bon Photo

A beauty minute with Melissa

“Morning: When I wake up I use a three step routine from Kiehl’s starting with the Ultra...

Saint Laurent Socks and Heels Photo

The Debate: Socks & Heels

Socks and heels! This mini-trend popped up on a few runways this season (remember it from Chanel?)...

Fall Whites Shopping Cart Photo

Fall Whites

Labor Day is supposed to mean the end of white clothing, but what about all the Fall whites?



It’s that time of year! Even though I try not to get sale shopping crazy, these are the things...

Garance Dore Fashion Week Photo

My Stuff

Here’s a quick glimpse into everything I lug around during fashion week…

Fashion Week Illustration

Fashion Week Highs & Lows

I just stepped foot into my apartment collapsed onto the couch, back from almost a month of fashion...

Make Up Essentials Photo

My Make Up Essentials

Okay, it’s no time to hide: today is the start of fashion week. You don’t even want to...

Daphne Javitch Photo

One Question / Daphne

Thanks for sending over your questions on Facebook! Daphné chose one question to answer and if you...

Craziest Shoe Of Paris Fashion Week ?

Craziest Shoe Of Paris Fashion Week ?

It took me about two minutes to understand what kind of UFO was walking in front of me at the YSL...