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A Moment of Warmth

We had a heat wave this week in NY – and by that, I mean, the weather allowed us to show our ankles for approximately 24 hours between the arctic temperatures.


Studio Playlist: Cuffing Season

Studio Playlist: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season (you know, finding someone to cuddle and keep you company through the cold months)...

The Most Warm

Can you think of a better way to stay warm than shearling cozy for your hot water bottle?! Green...

How to Wear A Dress in the Winter

How to Wear A Dress in the Winter

No really, how does one wear a dress in winter? This is a question which not only perplexed Garance,...

Winter Whites / Krystle Kemp

Winter Whites / Krystle Kemp

I wasn’t surprised to find out that Krystle, the Fashion Director at Need Supply knows a thing or...

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Winter Shade

We’ve talked before about winter sunglasses, but I finally found my pair. Despite...

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Boot It

It’s the beginning of December which means it’s officially winter in New York! It also...

Toughen Up

Winter is here and its time to toughen up! A good pair of boots and a parka is the right start....

Light My Fire

Light My Fire

I have this thing with candles. And honestly, the colder it gets outside and the shorter the days...

Battle of the Beanies

Battle of the Beanies

Now that we’re officially in beanie season, I’ve become alarmingly aware of the fact that I...


The Cozy Sweater

The Cozy Sweater

Some call it “cuffing season,” but I’d like to proclaim the winter months ahead...

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Where is the Glove?

I’m really bad about wearing gloves during the winter, which is silly because I have the...

Ready, Set, Coach!

Ready, Set, Coach!

On a very rainy Tuesday this week, we met up with Dree at her home here in New York, before we...

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Morning Routines

It’s winter. The sun is hiding (currently) behind the snow that is coming down in the East...

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Attache-moi !

There’s something about the winter that makes you want to forego any thoughts of staying chic...

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It’s FINALLY freeeezzzzing in New York, we were apparently all waiting for it to happen. That...