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The Update

I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, but it’s kind of becoming an even more personal visual diary, and even though I love this app (and hate it at the same time)(like any...


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Style Story / Morgane

Morgane is that Parisian girl – you know the one who feigns not being naturally chic,...

Cisco in Paris Vogue

Cisco in Paris Vogue

So proud to see my friend Cisco in Paris Vogue!!!

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The New Vogue Paris

I can’t wait to receive my Paris Vogue! Of course, I know what I’ve written in it...

My Vogue

My Vogue

This morning, I went down to the newstsand to take a look at the Italian magazines, and there…

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Vogue Paris

How do you go about writing a column for Vogue? Honestly, I had no idea. I used to dream about...

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Repossi + Vogue Brunch at the Ritz

Saturday morning, girls’ brunch at the Ritz, hosted by Gaia Repossi and Vogue. I left my bike...

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The Masquerade Ball

III Crystal & Me “What do you think? How cool is this mask?” Crystal Renn asked me...

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My fashion week with…

Woooohooooo!!! The new Vogue.com is live! And to inaugurate the site’s renaissance, I had the...

Tennessee Thomas Photo

Cover me

Tennessee, the amazing drummer from the band, The Like It looks like we’re all going to want...




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