Viviana Volpicella
Spektre Sunglasses Photo

Spektre Sunglasses

I took this photo at Viviana’s when I told her how much I loved her sunglasses collection....

Viviana Volpicella Photo

My Essentials / Viviana

Here are Viviana’s essentials!!! What I love about her style is that she’s just crazy...

Viviana Volpicella Photo

Super Print Power

Kids, there is a bit of a crazy thing going on with prints. I love it !!! And even if...

Viviana Volpicella Photo

Who needs a driver ?

Who needs a driver? Who needs a driver when the weather is practically paradise in Milan and the...

My Editorials / <em>My Prints Charming</em>

My Editorials / My Prints Charming

Here are three of my favorite shots I took for an editorial in this February’s Vogue Nippon.

Viviana Volpicella Photo

Little Color Story

Up here is Viviana at the florist after the Gucci show.. And yes, that’s Anna in the...

Vivana Volpicella Aurora Sansone Photo

Postcard From Italia

• Autumn in Italy is just one of those perfect things. You’d believe me in a second if I...

Love Moschino!

Love Moschino!

No seriously, I swear, I knew it, I knew I shot my first ad campaign. I talked to you about it last...

My Cape Illustration

My Cape

Let’s take a quick sec to talk capes. They’re all too classy. In the shows… in the...


Aurora Sansone Photo

After Hours

It’s so great to work with your friends. I shot this Love Moschino campaign with Aurora and...

denim + beige + denim = springtime !

denim + beige + denim = springtime !

Today, we’re going to explore the mathematics of spring fashion. Don’t be scared if...

Mon Amour!

Mon Amour!

That’s what Viviana calls me, in her incredible Italian accent while roaring with...

Ciao Milano!

Ciao Milano!

+ I have no idea what to wear anymore. It’s been more than two weeks now that I’ve been...

<B>y</B>e<B>l</B>lO<B>v</B>e !

yellOve !

Just because we’re already systematically raiding the winter collections (Could it be possible...

Aurora Sansone Photo

Aurora, Viviana… Anna

Yesterday, the greatest thing happened to me.  I have to tell you all about it.  But where to...