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No surprise I love a long coat, and for winter anywhere they’re kind of perfect! Coat, Joseph ; Jeans, H&M ; Sweater, Topshop ; Sneakers, Vans ; Earrings, WWAKE ; Book, Kitchen...


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Style Story / Brook

Meet Brook, a man who wears Redwing boots and confidently keeps a pink couch in his living room. If...

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Ever since G got back from the book tour, she’s been buzzing with positive energy. Ok, so it...

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J’adore doré! Yes, the color – in just about any form. (And, as it’s...

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Winter, you don’t scare me!!! In honor of New York Fashion Week coming up, now that magazines...

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Stay Warm

Preparing for the snow season by looking for A few things to keep me warm!

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LA Days

A few days in LA and all I can think about is what to wear to the pool!

Vans x Kenzo Photo

Vans x Kenzo

Big, huge gigantic crush on these. I obviously LOVE these slip-on style Vans…

My Next Sneaker?

My Next Sneaker?

I am a big fan of sneakers – especially in the winter, they’re good and warm for the...