Valentino Pre-Fall Collection Photo

The Butterfly Effect

The house of Valentino never ceases to amaze me in their ability to create beautifully ornate, yet somehow modern garments.


pink shopping

Subtly Pink

Lately, I’ve been really into this super soft pink–maybe you noticed we had a lot of...



Another set of gifts we love this holiday! Kisses!

Back in NYC

Back in NYC

After a month of fashion week it feels good to be back in New York.

This Was Paris

This Was Paris

Click on the image or here to view the full post…

Shopping Cart Evening


I’ve been thinking a lot about good evening wear lately.

Fashion Week Shopping Cart Image

Fashion Week

It’s getting chilly in New York and Fashion Week is officially here…



Total & complete crush (okay, total and complete basically mean the same thing, but that is...

Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Here is wrap video from Fashion Week !!! I am presenting it monologue / flashback style, which I...

The Valentino Braid

The Valentino Braid

Braids have become part of the beauty language at Valentino over the last few seasons and the show...

Pardon My French/This Is Trending: Paris

Pardon My French/This Is Trending: Paris

Here is a new This Is Trending! Kissseeeeeeeeees! Click on the CC on the YouTube player for French...

Dior Photo

Couture Eye Candy

It’s time for us all to take a little break from the day for some eye candy from last...

Daphne Groeneveld Vogue Photo

Daphne Groeneveld In Vogue UK

Very, very awesome make up story in Vogue UK this month. The issue is really beautiful by the way,...

Fashion Week Illustration

Fashion Week Highs & Lows

I just stepped foot into my apartment collapsed onto the couch, back from almost a month of fashion...

Valentino Photo

Look where we were today…

We went to the Valentino showroom earlier to preview the collection…

I die! #1

I die! #1

A little hommage to Rachel Zoe’s “I Die,” but most of all, here is a visual list...