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red slippers garance dore photo

The Red Slipper

My family has always been big believers of shoes off at the door.


henrik vibskov socks garance dore

Toe Warmer

“Life’s too short for boring socks!” This is a familiar refrain commonly heard...

soko x pop earring neada jane garance dore photos

The Loop

A twist on the classic hoop earring, I love this variation which seems equally as minimal but...

the neck scarf yellow garance dore photos

The Neck Scarf

It’s no secret bandanas, handkerchiefs, little silk scarves tied at the neck are on trend....

mbmj headphones photo garance dore

MBMJ Earbuds

My ears aren’t always so keen on those little headphones known as earbuds.

The Teva

The Teva

Despite my tendency to solely wear sneakers in the summer, this year things have changed.

H&M Sandals Photo

H&M Sandals

I’m not quite ready for a true Birkenstock.