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The Jean Shirt

Seeing how the whole studio styled a jean shirt has me wanting to try something new too! Like with a skirt !


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Rain Check

Love finding a new rain coat for the spring, something light and fun!

suede shopping cart garance dore photos


I’ve really been loving the suede trend lately, so I’m looking for the perfect suede...

a paris shopping cart garance dore photos

À Paris

The weather is so beautiful in Paris, I’m looking for some classic whites to wear for PFW!

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Pattern Play

I love how Ju mixed patterns so effortlessly, so looking for the perfect stripes to try it myself!

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It’s seriously freezing and windy! I’m searching for a few things to stay warm while...

suede garance dore photos


Rich, decadent suede pieces… They were all over the runways for spring. But one of the best...

shopping cart

Shopping Cart

A few more ideas for the OTK (over the knee) boot, I love them with a sweater dress!

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Business As Usual

After an amazing vacation, it’s nice to be back in the city and back to business at the...

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Black & Brown

I’m looking for brown and black this weekend, feeling inspired to break the rules like...


Topshop Sunglasses Photo

Think Pink

I have a slight addiction to pink sunglasses.

Stay Fit

Stay Fit

A few things I’m shopping for to help me stay fit while I’m away.

The Midi

The Midi

I love midi skirts. So much that I bought three of them – my favorite comes from (as it...

White Shirts

White Shirts

You know it: I loooooove white shirts. I love them, I never get tired of them and last season, when...

Keisha Lall Photo

Ironic Iconic

But but but… a Coca-Cola sweatshirt!?? What is this? Trendy, ironic, cooler than cool or way...

Socks and Heels Photo

Socks + Heels

Pulling off socks and heels is a total science (Saint Laurent got it right last season). It’s...

Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Fashion week (month !) has me inspired to mix up patterns…

NY Blues

NY Blues

Gearing up for when its perfect weather for wearing a leather jacket and jeans. See the rest of my...