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Gone Surfing

I’ve been doing a whole lot of California dreaming these days, imaging myself as a carefree Malibu surfer… Conditioning Spray, Philip Kingley ; Wetsuit, Jason Wu ; Surfboard,...


A Surf Life

A Surf Life

Surfing is one of those things that you look at from afar and wish that you could do. It looks...

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Get Real

Have you ever worn a wetsuit? If you have, you know that putting it on and taking it off is the...

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Spray In Summer

You already know about my minimal approach to skincare, and things aren’t much different with my...

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The Mirror

We’ve all had that moment when, without warning, right when you’re least expecting it, as...

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Little News!

1/ I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I...

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Editor’s Letter #6

Happy March ! Right now, I’m working on finishing my book – the deadline is coming up...

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In Costa

I almost have no words to describe my vacation in Costa Rica. That’s how amazing it was. The...

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Style Detox

One of the funniest quirks about my profession is probably my tendency to think of each episode of...

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California Dreaming

Remember the project Garance did with C x Faconnable?

Sunrise Surf

Sunrise Surf

I totally live a dream life of surfing*, and the other day I think I understood why. Not only does...

The Eternal Beginner

The Eternal Beginner

I just signed up for yoga again. Yep! This has to be the 36th time I’ve stopped and started again....

The G Update

The G Update

Pffffff, sometimes, really, we just get a little too comfortable. For me anyway, nothing can get me...

Weekend Inspiration #28

Weekend Inspiration #28

J.Crew’s “Hello World” campaign featuring Lincoln Pilcher.



I love Jessica’s surfer / hippie look. And her bracelets she knits one by one, by hand. I...