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Do you shop online?

I do… all the time. I love to browse all of my favorite stores simultaneously, each with their own dedicated tab (that’s a type A personality shining through), and search for...


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Compulsive Returner

I just realized that I am a compulsive returner.

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J+ is Back

The fashion gods have answered your prayers.

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The Edit

So, I don’t have a dressing room in my new apartment*. It’s a challenge every day, since...

Career / Alison Loehnis

Career / Alison Loehnis

Today’s career interview is with Alison Loehnis, President of Net-A-Porter. How does a person...

Where did you get that?!

Where did you get that?!

“I love those pants! Where did you get them?”

Rachel Comey Store NYC Photo

At Rachel Comey

This week I stopped by the new Rachel Comey store in Soho, it’s her first flagship! The...

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Moments Like This

I love walking in the city. I use Google Maps like crazy (“I’ll be there in 23...


Personal Style Evolution

Personal Style Evolution

It’s funny how much your style can change in just a few years.

On Shopperz

On Shopperz

There were so many great comments on last week’s Shopperz post…



I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely —...

Garance Dore Goods

The Goods

It’s exciting announcement week (=we don’t sleep a lot)(= we have bags under our eyes)(=we drink...

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$300 or $80?

While (working) on the internet last night,

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Buyer’s Regret

It’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse…

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Last Season

I’ve been shopping a lot of sales recently…