Fall 2014 Fashion Week

The Missing Pants

What’s going on with the lack of pants on the fall runway?

prada fall 2014 handbag

Heavy Metal

Did you see those MASSIVE chain purse straps at Prada?

Garance Doré Beauty Photo

Good Morning!

When I say I love having a morning routine, I really love having a morning routine. It’s the...

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton New York City Photo

6 Almost Valid Excuses

For having bare legs this ridiculously freezing/snowing/polar vortex-ing fashion week…

Meruyert Ibragim Street Style Photo

Le Coat

Super happy to see this Dries coat on the street… It’s so pretty, right?

Garance Dore Layering Photo


Mastering the art of layering is no easy task, my bag ladyness can attest to that.

Dating Column Photo

Love, Sex, Etc.

And here is Megan’s first post – she will talk to us about love and here, she’s...

Viviana Volpicella Photo

Matchy Matchy !

You may remember the day I told you about one of my BFP (Big Fashion Problems). I find it hard to...



Since I love Annabelle Dexter-Jones’ feminine & gamine style, I went to see her and shoot...

Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Here is wrap video from Fashion Week !!! I am presenting it monologue / flashback style, which I...

Prada Hair Photo

Wet Look

It appears the wet hair look isn’t ready to leave the runway (or ad campaigns) just yet…

Prada Photo


The projections, music, and atmosphere all totally transported me. I loved the femininity of the...

My First Pradas

My First Pradas

I’ve never been much of a heels girl. Yes, I am a measly 5’2″ which constitutes as...

Spotted On 57th St.

Spotted On 57th St.

Yes, I know it’s only January, but when I saw these platform sandals in the window of the...